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Do the 30-Day Kindness Challenge with your congregation!

The 30-Day Kindness Challenge transforms lives and relationships, removes negativity and grumbling, and can change our culture. Want to do the 30-Day Kindness Challenge with your congregation? Read the Overview!

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1. Do a private-label version of the Challenge, managed by you. (As one of our Partners, we hand you all the materials, you send out reminder emails from your system, distribute small group materials, etc.). Interested? Fill out the Form below.

2. Do the Challenge as a church, but we manage all sign-ups and reminder emails. (You ask your people to come to and ideally pick the same start date. You could pull small group materials from the Groups page for your website, or your congregants could access them there directly.)

Either way, imagine complaining and negativity in your church suddenly going away because people’s eyes have been opened! Imagine the relationships in your church improving (in the research, 89% of relationships improved!). Imagine followers of Jesus being the solution to the unkindness of our culture. Imagine the outreach and growth opportunities for your church!


Join us in this movement of kindness!