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30-Day Kindness Challenge

What’s Your Kindness Quotient? 

We are not as kind as we think we are.  Want to know where you're doing well, and what you most need to work on?  How you may sabotage important relationships without realizing it?  What you should concentrate on during the 30-Day Kindness Challenge? Pick an assessment and get your personalized report now.

30-Day Kindness Challenge

What is your kindness quotient? How kind are you?
Are you Captain America or Miss Piggy? Find out!

Download, print and take the Pre-Challenge Self-Assessment Action Plan before you begin the 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Download, print and take the Post-Challenge Self-Assessment after you complete the 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Want more Online Assessments?

Online assessments to learn your Negativity Profile, Praise Profile and Generosity Profile can only be accessed by those doing the Kindness Challenge Study or the 30 Day Kindness Challenge.

For the rest of the assessments, be sure to sign up for the 30 Day Kindness Challenge!

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