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I am sharing The Kindness Challenge message with groups across the country, and would love to come to yours. See the video or simply contact us for more. Want me to speak on other topics? Take a look at what else I cover.

30-Day Kindness Challenge

What you can expect at your Kindness Challenge event!

Kindness Changes Everything 

Many of us wonder how to heal the hurt in ourselves and our relationships. Thankfully, research has found a crucial but little-known secret: Kindness. Both towards ourselves and others. Every one of us has unrecognized daily habits of unkindness that unknowingly sabotage our relationships, our mood, and our ability to roll with the punches of life… and every one of us can take simple actions that create dramatic change. Kindness is the best medicine for the soul. 

Kindness – it’s the secret that doesn’t just transform relationships, it transforms YOU! 

Audience and Lecturer

Review from an Event Attendee

I attended a seminar from Shaunti about this book. I decided to try this challenge on my work partner... Well after 10 days, our relationship has changed dramatically and I am excited to see how the rest of the 20 days goes. For the first time in 7 years of being partners, I see his wonderful heart truly and not clouded by his faults.

Thanks Shanti for sharing your talents and gifts with us. You truly are a cut above and have hit another home run.


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