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30-Day Kindness Challenge
FREE Tools for Your 6-Session Kindness Challenge Study

Welcome! The resources below are for a group, church leaders, and anyone wanting to do a 30-Day Kindness Challenge Group study. Please use and enjoy these resources as you dig into the 30-Day Kindness Challenge!

This video explains the 30-Day Kindness Challenge study and the resources below .


Want to promote the Challenge to your group? To share the video above, right click, choose "copy url". Paste and send the url to your group via email.

Each of the 6 videos below are designed to be used during your group sessions. Watch just one video per session outlined in your participant and facilitator guide.

Video Session for 6 Week Group Challenge

(Watch These On Your TV Or Tablet)

Session 1

Session 3

Session 5

Session 2

Session 4

Session 6

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