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30-Day Kindness Challenge

Do the 30-Day Kindness Challenge with your listeners

The 30-Day Kindness Challenge transforms lives and relationships, and will increase your reach and engagement with your listeners. We give partners a Radio Partner Kit (see sample below) complete with on-air prompt ideas, a daily reminder email you can send each day (if you want to grow your email list), and social media memes to match each day’s theme. 

of Relationships




Research shows

The Challenge is flexible, to work for YOUR station or program. Contact Eileen Kirkland by phone at 770.883.3965 or email at 

to customize your 30-Day Kindness Challenge initiative today!

Did you miss Shaunti Feldhahn’s presentation to NRB?

Listen in as Shaunti breaks down the Challenge specifically for radio. 

Shaunti NRB Presentation
About the Challenge - Shaunti Feldhahn

We look forward to working with our radio industry partners. Imagine the relationships in your city improving (in the research, 89% of relationships improved!). Imagine followers of Jesus being the solution to the unkindness of our culture. Imagine the outreach and growth opportunities for your station.


Join us in this movement of kindness!

Already a Partnering station? Click For Partner ONLY Material

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